About O’Jay Tee

Who’s O’Jay Tee?

O: Oupa



There you have it…Not forgetting my other name: Mapodi, which I inherited from the man who loved and cared for like I can’t explain how.  His mom and my dad’s mom were sisters.  He actually predicted my conception (or so I was told…).

Young, hands-on, self-motivated, well experienced IT Professional with all the relevant knowledge and skills in Software Development, Business Analysis, Project Management, Leadership and Communication.

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I’ve been to a couple of places, met a lot of people, some I like, others I don’t (OK! I’m lying, I like all of them). Eish! Being worked for a couple of companies, I think I’ve worked for more companies than my father did, considering our age difference…

Family wise, I’m married to a very beautiful woman who makes me feel like the most wonderful husband in the entire world.  See here: http://www.momentville.com/OJayteeWedsLadyPosch and http://www.momentville.com/OJayteeAndLadyPoschAnniversary.


One response to “About O’Jay Tee

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