Last Chance To Grab One Of The Cheapest Mobile Data Deals In SA

After we stopped 2-for-1 mobile signups end of July, I received an avalanche of emails asking me to help those who missed out on the extra data.

So I’ve made a plan for you:

(That’s the direct link our team uses to sign up Double Mobile data packages for special cases)

This ‘secret’ link is not available from our website.

And you (or your family and friends) can use it right now to get double the data on our mobile packages.

As you probably know we stopped offering double mobile data for new signups from August the 1st (reasons in the email below that I sent last month)

Will we offer our double mobile data to everyone again?

We’d really love to, however, right now I’m not sure whether we’ll be able to.

But what I do know now is that if you go to the link above, and sign up, you WILL join our clients who signed up pre Aug 1 and get double your mobile data until at least the 31st of December.

At 12h00 on Friday we’re planning to remove this order form so if you, or someone you know, wants to lock in Double the GBs on a mobile data package till the end December then now’s the time to get it

Thanks and have a wonderful week!

CEO, Afrihost

P.S. If you signed up in August and
only got the standard GBs please
drop me an email and I’ll make sure
you also get the double data deal.

Here’s the email I sent a few weeks ago explaining why we were stopping Double Mobile data.

PLEASE NOTE though that the links below will take you to our standard mobile packages – If you want the double mobile data please use this link.

From: Gian – <gian>
Date: 25 July 2014 at 11:50 SAST
Subject: Ending in a Week

Hi there

A quick heads-up:

If you were ever thinking of getting our mobile data now’s the time to take the leap.

Here’s why:

From the 1st of August we can’t offer Double mobile data accounts anymore.

However, if you sign up before the 31st of July then you will lock in Double the mobile GBs till the end of the year.

You can get this here:

(Essentially you’ll get your mobile GBs for half price if you sign up in the next week)

Why are we stopping the offering?

We’re losing a fair whack of money every month on our Mobile Data offering.

From the time of our mobile data launch last September we knew we would be losing money – And although our first plan was to only offer the Double Data for 6 months, we have since managed to extend it a few times.

Why would we ‘plan’ to lose money?

Quite simply we wanted to sell as many Mobile GBs as possible, as quickly as possible. We believed that the more mobile internet GBs we used overall, the more likely we could negotiate better price breaks.

Has our plan worked?

Yes and No.

We have got better prices but they haven’t been quite big enough to turn these savings into break-even.

Which unfortunately means we have to stop offering the Double Mobile Data for all NEW clients from 1 August.

However, the silver lining is that we are EXTENDING all the Double Mobile GBs for all existing Mobile clients.

So if you signup for a mobile package before 31 July you will enjoy the double GBs until at least the 31st of December.

And maybe for longer.

And that brings me to something you can do to help (even if you don’t take us up on the offer)

If you know anyone besides yourself (family, a friend, a colleague?) who you think would enjoy getting Double their mobile GBs locked in till the end of the year, and they are not yet Afrihost Mobile clients, then please let them know that they have till the 31st of July to grab an account that’ll lock in double the value.

This may be the last chance to get Double Mobile Data for a while.

So you can really do your family and friends (and yourself!) a favour by letting them know about it.

Will we offer Double Data for our mobile packages for new clients in the future?

I certainly hope so!!!

But the truth is that right now I just don’t know.

We would love to.

But in order to do this we need to get even more clients so we can can collectively use more data and get better pricing.

Thank you for your business and for taking the time to read this.

And thank you for referring your family and friends to us.

I sincerely appreciate it

Have a wonderful weekend!

CEO, Afrihost


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