Improve your interview and placement chances!

How is your CV rated by recruiters?

As an interview / job WINNER … or … KILLER?

You might be under the impression that your CV is complete and up to standard (that is why you are submitting it, right?), but not being a recruiter yourself, you will not know what is wrong with it until someone tells you. Not getting interviews should be a clear indication that something is wrong! Fact is, if your CV does not tell recruiters what they want to know first time, it is going to cost you interview opportunities! And without getting interviews, you will not be getting job offers!

If you are not invited for interviews, it means your CV does NOT do what is should … so it is a job KILLER!

Remember, when submitting your CV in response to an advertised vacancy, it is going to land up on the recruiters desk or computer amongst 50 to 100 (sometimes more!) other CV’s. If you want to make it to the shortlist for invitations to interviews, you need to make sure that your make a good impression with a professional CV the first time – there is not going to be a second chance to be considered for the positions that you have lost out on because of a not up to standard and incomplete CV!

If you are submitting your CV in response to vacancy advertisements where your qualifications, skills and experience match the requirements of the advertised vacancies without getting invited for interviews, and obviously not getting job offers, it should be a clear indication to you that your CV is the problem – NOT your qualifications, skills and experience. If your CV does not catch and hold the attention of recruiters having to read it, your chances of getting interviews are not much better than ZERO!

With our years of experience, we know what recruiters look for in a CV and can write one for you that will showcase your qualifications, skills and experience to the extend where you are invited for interviews. But first things first! Submit your CV for a FREE assessment so we can have a look at it and give you a report on what is wrong with it. We will email you a no obligation assessment report which will point out the probable reasons why you are not successful in getting interviews. Remember, no interviews also mean no job offers! If we find that you CV is not up to standard and/or complete, our assessment report will tell you the reasons why and what you can do to upgrade it to a professional interview and job winning CV!

Remember, submitting an incomplete and not up to standard CV psychologically creates an impression by recruiters that you are not really serious about applying for the vacancies they advertise!

Click on the assessment request NOW and submit your CV for a FREE assessment. Our assessment report, which you will get within 1 working day, will indicate if your CV is up to standard or not. And if not, what you should do to improve your interview and placement chances. Click on the link below and submit your CV now. It is a free service and it might just be that important first step towards landing your dream job by getting your CV complete and up to standard!

Request for FREE CV Assessment

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