Thank you for an amazing 5 years!

Evernote Turns Five
Thanks for being one of our earliest users!
Watch the Thank You video
Modern life is tough. Five years ago, we set out to do our part in making it a little easier by helping people everywhere live smarter, more productive lives. It was no small feat.

Five years and tens of millions of users later, people have done more with Evernote than we could have ever dreamed. They’ve used our products to plan vacations, stay organized at school, run their businesses, and just about everything in between.

It’s been an amazing journey and you’ve been with us almost the entire way. In fact, out of more than 65,000,000 Evernote users, your user number is:


Elephant 881,254
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Thank you for using Evernote. We’re committed to our promise of making Evernote better for you every single day so you can continue to tackle things, big and small, in your everyday life.

From improving our free apps to making Evernote Premium more powerful to building smarter teams with Evernote Business, we’re committed to supporting your needs today and into the future.

This is our 100-year quest. We’re only 5% in.

The Evernote Team




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