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Leadership Intelligence Bulletin
30 April 2013
Labour politics
Labour politics Unions may force government into a showdown

As South Africa braces itself for its annual ‘strike season’ with the onset of wage negotiations both in the private and public sectors, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) and one of its teacher unions have set a militant tone. Their ultimatum to President Jacob Zuma to fire his education minister could lead to a showdown with government.

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Light at end of the SA electricity tunnel
Light at end of the SA electricity tunnel Policy changes can dramatically brighten power future

While South Africa faces a winter with a high risk of disruptions in electricity supply, future prospects on this front could look considerably brighter in the not too distant future. It would, however, require some drastic changes to the power plan, the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), as a result of profound changes in the energy environment since it was adopted in 2010.

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Draft law will end the existence of informal sector
Draft law will end the existence of informal sector Licensing of Businesses Bill has absurd consequences

The Licensing of Businesses Bill (LBB), if it becomes law, will be at cross-purposes with the National Development Plan’s proposed economic blueprint for South Africa. It will also destroy the concept of an informal sector. Even those at the very bottom of the economic food chain, retrieving trash in their shopping trolley for recycling, will have to register their little enterprise. And that is not where the absurdities of the new proposed law end.

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State of civil society
State of civil society SA’s NGOs: under threat?

Once the darlings of the anti-apartheid movement, now the villains of those in power, non-governmental and non-profit organisations (NPOs) collectively known as civil society groupings, are struggling to survive.

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Zimbabwe elections
Zimbabwe elections South African loan might help ensure free and fair process

There is R1.2 billion needed to conduct the long-awaited harmonised elections to restore Zimbabwe’s credibility as a true and fully fledged democratic country. But the country has spent money needed for it on the recent referendum to approve a new constitution. Is South Africa helping out?

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Final Word
Final Word Medical treatment means being blacklisted is Hobson’s Choice

A dear friend of mine, from the carefree days of our youth when we tumbled together as members of a South African Air Force gymnastics team, discovered, last week, that sometimes when you fall ill, you end up with Hobson’s choice of what’s on a blacklist. And, it turns out, that, in this respect, things have not changed for a very long time.

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Football Watch
Football Watch PSL almost settled

Kaizer Chiefs has not lost a match since the 24 November when Platinum Stars beat them 2-0 in Rustenburg, and after a goalless draw against Stars, Chiefs are closing in on the Absa Premier Soccer League crown. In fact, if they can collect six points from their next three matches, they will make sure of domestic title glory.

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Rugby watch
Rugby watch Market forces robs South Africa of top talent

Is there a looming mass exodus of top South African rugby players to cash flush clubs in Europe and Japan, and should Springbok fans be worried about the long-term future of Springbok rugby as the national rugby body finds it impossible for to compete with the power of the Euro and the Japanese Yen?

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