ECM Developer – Investec


Role Profile



All Investec employees are required to sign a Role Description Form, to be countersigned by the employee’s line manager.


Job title




Private Bank- IT


Reports to

Natasha Dunn


Brief Description of role /

Overall job objective

To provide the effective strategic technical development of systems including new developments, maintenance, enhancement and support of existing systems. In addition provide support and assistance to Business Analysts and Project Managers as subject matter experts of the systems being supported.


Number of direct reports



Number of indirect reports



Duties, Responsibilities and Accountabilities (and time split)

  • Effective collaboration on Functional Specifications
    • Where required assist with the creation/drafting of relevant functional specifications to
      • to guide the Business Analysts around the potential functionality within the system as a Subject Matter Expert
      • Ensure that each functional specification is quality assured by reviewing and signing off on the specifications from a technical stand point as well as from the business requirements.
    • Where required draft functional specifications independently
    • Ensure sufficient collaboration across systems for integration purposes
  • Effective compilation of Technical Specifications
    • Compilation of the Technical Specification in conjunction with the relevant architect at both a conceptual and physical level
    • Ensure that the technical specification gives a clear understanding of the how the business needs will be met as well as the functional requirements, database and architecture of the environment.
    • Ensure that the technical specification includes some of the following aspects as per requirements of the project:
      • Entity Relationship Model
      • Business Data Logic for example a data model or database tables such as UML
      • Data Access
      • User Interface
      • Flow Charts
      • System requirements
      • Integration and dependencies to/with other systems
      • Set up and configuration
      • Estimations of time lines for development/Effort estimations
      • Work breakdown schedule
      • Development tools to be used such as code management, code release etc
      • Unit Testing Strategy including the creation and running of Unit Tests
      • Environment Management
      • Due Diligence around logging, exception handling with input from the architect
    • Ensure that development is done in line with agreed process
    • Ensure that the technical specification is updated as and when required. Either during the generation of the business specification or coding periods
    • Technically contribute on projects and enhancements to assist in delivering cost-effective, easy-to-use, innovative solutions (business processes, systems and technology).
  • Ensure that the system meets the changing business requirements in terms of functionality, capacity, reliability, performance, security, availability and useful life.
  • Maximise business benefit from the system through support activities according to agreed business priority
  • Maximise business benefit through project delivery according to agreed business priority.
  • Ensure that all projects are delivered meeting business requirements, can be measured through a sound business case and adhere to agreed Private Bank application and integration architecture principles.
  • Effective development /coding or configuration of changes
    • Identify what is required as per technical specification
    • Check source code repository for any potential clashes and where necessary consult with those affected
    • Review necessity for code split/roll back/priority
    • As per technical specification create the project and task
    • Develop changes as per technical specification and business requirements as well as in accordance with the architecture riles and coding standards
    • Compile object code
    • Conduct unit testing according to the technical specification
    • Where required complete the functional testing prior to the final unit testing taking place
    • Ensure that all relevant documentation is compiled accurately and timeously. This includes:
      • Implementation documentation
      • Release Management – can include code handover or knowledge sharing within team
      • Roll back steps required
      • Change control documentation
    • Where necessary update and or re-engineer coding during the initial development phase
    • Ensure that the agreed due diligence is implemented
    • Provide Post Go Live support for all relevant projects/changes. This includes but is not limited to :
      • Availability of the day the change goes live
      • Availability for post go live testing where required
      • On Call Support in a post go live environment as per agreed timelines.
  • Effective management of SME and defects
    • Assist business or user with identified problem that requires correction
    • Analyse and generate a solution. Process followed includes but is not limited to:
      • Investigation of reported problem
      • Where possible recreation of the problem
      • Technical Analysis
      • Solution generation
      • Research and analysis
    • Complete the necessary changes/additions to the existing code once the solution is identified the
    • Dependent of the fix size document the changes as a task
    • If the solution created is a large change then the change becomes a project
  • Effective provision of Support to business (third line)
    • Provide support to business in terms of third line support queries
    • Queries could be either a problem that requires end user education or might be a problem that requires a system enhancement of change.
  • Provide support in terms of Disaster Recovery in terms of preparing relevant documentation and if necessary being on site at a DR to assist with any code issue.
  • Continuously seek to remain up to date with research and development within the IT industry
  • Where necessary log identified problems to provide assistance to others or to seek assistance from others

Education, skills & specialist

knowledge required

  • B.Com / B.Sc. degree in IT, or equivalent qualification
  •  Minimum 5 years programming experience, with 2 years being within EMC technologies.
  • Certified EMC developer (Captiva, Documentum, xPression)
  • Version Control Systems, preferably SVN.
  •  Strong communication skills (written and spoken)
  •  Ability to manage and prioritise tasks
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Strong time management skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong documentation skills
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy
  • Maintain a high degree of collaboration
  • Sound working knowledge of MS Office suite ( specifically Word and Excel)
  • Development Experience in the appropriate language (e.g. RPG, Java, .Net)
  • UML modelling experience
  • Demonstrate the appropriate level of technical competency required on the systems, and during change and process management.




  • Basic understanding of the financial services industry, specifically banking
  • Experience in area of specialisation of relevant application(s)
  • Good administration skills
  • Knowledge of BPM, SOA and Integration concepts
  • 3-5 years experience within Financial Services/ Banking Environment

Other requirements specific to the role/Individual’s core competencies

  •  Ability to work under constant pressure
  •  A proactive mindset focused on identifying and mitigating risks and resolving issues
  •  Ability to collaborate and facilitate attainment of the best possible solution for the situation
  •  Ability to conceptualise big picture while maintaining a high level of attention to detail and accuracy
  •  Must consider themselves a technical expert and have an affinity for IT


Personal Attributes

  • Problem Solving
  • Analysis
  • Attention to detail
  • Judgement
  • Initiative/Proactive
  • Excellence Orientation
  • Investigative Orientation
  • Teamwork
  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Influencing
  • Professional/Technical proficiency
  • Planning, Organising & Monitoring (self & processes)
  •  Assertive
  •  Tenacious
  •  Innovative
  •  Service orientated

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