Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation has commenced its selection campaign whereby Grade 6 learners can apply for a high school scholarship to become an Allan Gray Scholar in Grade 8. Successful candidates will join the existing 150 Scholars attending one of the 20 leading schools in South Africa.

The Scholarship is open to current South African Grade 6 learners whom will start Grade 8 in 2014. The Scholarship requirements are that learners have exceptional ability in Mathematics and English and would otherwise not be able to afford good quality schooling. Learners must also embody the characteristics necessary to be an Allan Gray Scholar; such as wisdom and knowledge, courage, leadership and vision.

The first step in the application process requires the learner to complete an application form. Upon the receipt of the application form, candidates that meet these requirements will proceed through a series of tests which provide a clearerpicture of the applicants abilities. Those who successfully complete this phase will be interviewed. The most deserving of interviewees are then invited to attend one of the Foundations Selection Camps, which is the final stage of the selection process.

Entries for the Scholarship application are now open. Visit to download an application form (also attached) or SMS SCHOLAR + your fax no./email address to 36777 (SMS is free) to have an application form faxed or emailed to you. The applications close on Friday, 28 September. More information regarding the opportunity is also attached.

Please make this notice available to those who do not have access to email or internet…

Scholarship Opportunity Email Brochure 2012.pdf

Scholars Application Form 2012.pdf


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