CSIR Built Environment Internship 2012

CSIR Built Environment Internship 2012

Location: Pretoria

Closing Date: 25 May 2012

CSIR Built Environment (BE) unit has a vacant position for an Intern in the Transport

Systems and Operations competence area. There are a number of research areas within

this competence area where significant growth is being experienced. These include the

weighbridge (overload control) software application; the Road Transport Management

System (RTMS) accreditation programme; and the Smart Truck/Performance-Based

Standards research project. The number of heavy vehicles participating in the RTMS has

more or less doubled in the last 12 months to around 1 600. There are currently 45 vehicles participating in the Smart Truck demonstration project, and this is likely to double in the next year or two. One of the ultimate goals of the project is to generate new knowledge and human capital development to support the transport infrastructure sector in South Africa. The project team recognises the shortages of skills and human capacity in the transport infrastructure sector, and plans to use this project to effectively train young researchers, technologists and artisans.

The current vacancy seeks a young engineer who is registered minimally for an Honours

degree at an accredited South African university. The position is based in Pretoria.

Key performance areas:

Conduct basic and applied research relating to Structures Management Systems,

and specifically the Struman Bridge Management System/Structures Management System.

Conduct joint and collaborative research with the CSIR and South African universities around Performance-based Standards for Heavy vehicles.

Set up formal structures that will be able to support the RTMS initiative.

Set up a website for monitoring RTMS-accredited fleets and individual vehicles.

Conduct further research and development in RTMS, including performance


Develop an RTMS support framework.

Qualifications, skills and experience:

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in civil or mechanical engineering, and studying towards an Honours or Master’s degree at an accredited South African university.

Excellent computer presentation skills.

Good interpersonal and team skills.

Must have the ability to work independently as well as in an interdisciplinary team.

Must be self-motivated.

Problem-solving and solution-seeking orientation.

Must have good communication, presentation and writing skills.

Should you meet the above requirements, please go to the URL indicated below in order to apply; select the position reference number 301192; complete the application form and attach your CV: http://www.csir.co.za/apply.php



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