Stating The Obvious…

1. Some1 calls u @ 2am and asks; "Are u sleeping?"
Ans: "No, I was waiting for ur call idiot".

2. When it’s raining and some1 notice u going out, they ask; "Are u

going out in this rain?"
Ans: "No! In the next one".

3. You are making out with your girlfriend then you start pulling her
panties then she asks; "What are you trying to do?"
Ans: "I want to wash it for you".

4. They see you coming out of the bathroom wet, yet they ask; "Did you
just have a bath?"
Ans: "No, I fell into the toilet bowl."

5. You’re standing in front of the elevator on the ground floor going to

your office, yet they ask; "Are you going up?"
Ans: "No, I’m waiting for my office to come down and get me!"

6. Your boyfriend comes home with a bunch of flowers, and you still ask;
"Are those flowers?"

Ans: "No baby, they’re carrots!

7. YoU are in the toilet and lock the door and someone knocks, asking,
"Is anyone there?"Ans: "No! shit locked the door!".

8. You are in a queue at the cinema to buy ticket, a friend saw you and

asked; "What are you doing here?"

Ans: "I’m here to pay my school fees…" IDIOT!!!

9. When they see you lying down with your eyes closed and they still

ask; "Are you sleeping?"
Ans: No, I’m trying to DIE…"


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