Hijacked In My Own Yard!!!

Just when I was so comfortable within and around my neighbourhood (to an extend of telling people how safe my neighbourhood is), something that will change all that comfort just happened. On Friday, 07th October 2011, we (my wife and I) bought some groceries from PnP at The Boulders, Midrand and took off. When we got home, we were just chit-chatting for about eight minutes the car when she decided to get into the house.

Just as she opened her door, some strange guy just bridged a gun in her face and whispered “shhh!!!!!!” to her. As I looked and tried to grasp what was happening, the other guy opened my door and ordered me out of the car. They took her handbag and threw her with the house keys. The other guys took the phone that was in my hand (damn I loved that phone, Samsung Galaxy S II, which is why it was in my hand) and other two phones that were in my pockets. They took off with the car.

I went to the neighbours and asked for a phone to call the police and tracker. Two police men arrived in about fifteen minutes and they took the statements. All I was thinking was “Why aren’t you trying to run after the bustards and take the statement later?” Another police man and a police woman arrived five to ten minutes later and they asked if we called tracker and the police man requested the tracker’s contact numbers and started calling them. They both left the scene, to go after the thugs, which is what I wanted from them. The tracker guys kept on saying they did not receive any signal from the car.

The statement police men left and about ten minutes later, they came back and told me the car has been found in Hospital View, Tembisa. They asked me to come with them to identify the car, but on our way there the other police officers called and said we must bring the spare key for the car as the thugs took off with the car keys. When we got there I was so relieved to find that my car was still intact. The witnesses said they saw two boys running from the car with white plastic bags (that was our groceries) into a white Isuzu bakkie (I saw this bakkie immediately after the incident, it went passed my house following the thugs, I even tried to stop him for help).

Now tell me about feeling safe in Clayville, I’ll disagree. Then I realised that I was being ignorant of my neighbourhood as I started hearing so many stories of cars being hijacked. The one was even in the same street as mine, talk about being blind to your surroundings. The one guy even came by and showed me where he was shot on his hand when his car was being hijacked. He had his wife pushed to the ground at gun point. I can’t stop thinking God for the way it all happened. I am also very proud of the Olifantsfontein police. Almost the whole station came to my house, including the captain. As for the police man and police woman who went and located the car, I am very very thankful…


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