Ad SHEQ Practitioner (Contractors and Quality)

Business Unit: Tubatse Chrome
Job Title: SHEQ Practitioner (Contractors & Quality)
Job Grade: Patterson CU
Reports To: SHEQ Superintendent
Purpose Of The Job
To conduct Company SHEQ, OSH Act and ISO inspections, support the plant & contractor SHEQ system. Report on findings and corrective actions where needed. This should be conducted continuously to achieve the company/contractor Objectives and Targets.

Improve company quality performance through active involvement in the quality system and strategy for Tubatse plant.

Minimum Qualifications And Experience
· Relevant Degree/Diploma

· 3 years relevant experience in similar environment

Job Responsibilities

· Comply with SHEQ requirements (SHEQ Toolbox).

· Utilise the Information Management System (IMS) to initiate, investigate and report SHEQ status of specific sections and contractors.

· Participate in monthly Audits to determine Best Practitioner of the month.

· Promote quality performance of the plant through active involvement in the quality system.

Ad SHEQ Practitioner (Contractors and Quality).doc


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