Sex Robot

A woman is having s#x with her lover in an apartment 20 stories high.
Suddenly her husband returns from a long trip, and she hears him approaching in the apartment,
So she tells the lover: “do not move at all… I will resolve this situation!”
Comes the husband: “who is this?” asked the husband
Wife: “oh sweetie… this is jus a robot I bought to have s#x with when u not around, so that I don’t have to cheat with your friends or with the neighbours…
I did it because u spend all the time traveling and u know that I…uhhm… have needs!!”
Husband: “oh honey I understand perfectly well… I believe u… ok let’s do a quickie now, I came home as fast as I can and I’m extremely horn – now!!”
Wife: “OH NO DARLLING… yesterday I got my period… u better take a bath, I’ll prepare u sumthing to eat so long”
The lover is left with the husband in the room alone, while the wife walked out…
Husband: “
D@mn I’m so fcken horn – … I am going to fck this robot instead..” he tries entering the robot from his behind…
With a metallic and robotic voice the lover proclaims : “SYSTEM ERROR! WRONG HOLE!!… SYSTEM ERROR! WRONG HOLE!!”
The husband says: “fck this crappy robot… I’m going to throw it out of the god d@mn window!!” the lover realises that he’s 20 stories high in the apartment and exclaims:


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