Wife Swap Or Whatever You Wanna Call It…

Please be honest to yourself and when reading this what comes in your mind?

I woke up with a smile today, when I looked down I saw two pairs of feet appearing under the duvet cover. It was me, my wife, my friend and his wife, we had all slept in one bed. It was my wife’s birthday yesterday, she invited her friend, who then came with her husband. It was a small party, one small cake, a few bottles of champagne and a few pieces of steak on the braai stand. We started at 7:30 pm and kicked off the proceedings with the customary happy birthday song. Soon the party was well under way, the champagne was flowing and our house was full of laughter. We talked about general things and each couple was sitting cosily with their better half’s.

My friend’s wife then asked why men cheat. The champagne was already in our blood systems and we discussed this issue openly with me and the other guy trying to be defensive, but at last the truth came out – men cheat because they are greedy, we are never satisfied. My wife then posed another question, "if we allow you guys to have only one extra girlfriend would you be satisfied?"

We hesitated to answer because we thought the question was a trap, but at last my friend boldly said "Yes" we will be satisfied with one girlfriend each. Then the discussion turned to who is to choose the girlfriends, the wives felt that they should choose girlfriends for us, their fear was that they didn’t want people who would take us away from them. To cut a long story short we spoke about this until it came to the point that our wives felt that they would feel safe only if they themselves were to be our girlfriends – meaning my wife was to become her friend’s husband’s girlfriend and his wife was to become my girlfriend. He? What?

Yes, that’s exactly what the discussion led to. After a moment’s silence ( we guys were more shocked than anything). We thought they were not serious and that it was a trap, so we refused to let them know our feelings about the matter. After a while my wife went to the toilet and as is customary among women, her friend followed her. We just sat there talking things like "basadi ba ke mahlanya my bra or o nagana joang"… but the truth is that I craved to taste his wife but I pretended not to. While we were still busy talking the ladies appeared from the bathroom – stark naked. Our jaws dropped to the floor, I stood up and approached my wife but she avoided me and went straight to her friend’s husband and sat on his lap, his wife came to me and put her arms around me, the ladies were besides themselves with laughter – laughing at how shocked and silent we were, but then my wife started kissing him, at first I got a bit angry and jealous so I also kissed his wife. Soon we were all naked and headed for the bedroom, I took his wife and he took mine and the games began. That is why I am saying this morning I woke upon with a smile. Now its official all four of us are sex partners. This Friday my wife is going to sleep over at his place and his wife is coming to me. I am still battling with the jealousy issue but I LIKE our arrangement and would not change it for anything…


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