Ndim Ke Lo!!!!

It was Christmas and time for every one of us to be with his/her family, so it was not an exception for Stanley who spent almost 48 months at KOMANI INSTITUTE FOR MENTALLY DISABLED.

He asked the hospital staff to accompany him to his house because ebefuna ukuba introducer kwi vrou kunye nabantwana. As they got to his house he saw "TIGER" his dog and shouted nguTIGER kelo inja yam, and the nurses smiled. As they approached he saw a 5 year old boy playing outside… that’s my little boy Thabo. In the house they saw a 19 year old girl washing dishes and he jumped up with joy saying "yintombi yam enkulu ke le". The nurses were very impressed by what they saw, because uStanley spent 4 years at the Mental institution and usakhumbula wonke umntu apha endlini yakhe. They approached the bedroom & as they got inside, he saw his wife sleeping and shouted with excitement this is my wife uNOWETHU.

And guess what…….

There was also a man sleeping next to her and he pointed to the man and said….

“Ndim ke Lo!


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