is a project envisaged by the African Arts Institute (AFAI) for 2011: an AFRICAN ARTS CAMPUS from where a series of informal, part-time courses on Africa, African arts, culture and creative content will be presented, firstly to a South African public, but with the future vision to expand to an international cultural tourism market.

We are currently looking for independent facilitators for course subjects as listed below, with availability in Cape Town during August/September 2011.

If you are interested in working with us to develop this initiative, please contact: Mari Stimie at 021-465 9027 or email
by Friday 24 June 2011.

Please indicate which of the suggested course subjects you are qualified to present and provide a thumbnail biog as well as details of current employment and/or academic/other affiliation or association. Information regarding remuneration will be provided on request.

Please forward this message to relevant contacts.

Location: Cape Town (2011); and extended to Johannesburg and/or Durban during 2012
Venue: To be confirmed
Timeline: August/September 2011, evening and/or weekend classes
Extent: Courses in 6 to 8 subjects (from the list below); each comprising 4 to 6 sessions of 2 to 3 hours per session. Suggested 10 to 20 adult learners per course.
Subjects: Suggestions listed below
Facilitators: Experts recruited from academic and relevant Civil Society institutions
Level: Pitched at adult learners, introductory to intermediate level
Course content: Suggested and developed by facilitators, in collaboration with AFAI Executive Director, Mike van Graan, to achieve the strategic objectives of the African Arts Institute
Course notes/material: Templates to be designed by AFAI, for course notes provided by facilitators
Projected outcome:

For 100 to 200 adult learners to participate in such course per year, thereby contributing to the growth of markets for African goods and service;
For lecture and course notes to be compiled into publications, increasing the knowledge of these subjects as others have access beyond those who attend; and,
For these courses to achieve sustainability through the fees paid by participants.

Suggested course subjects:

  1. AFRICA 101: Past, Present and Future
  2. An introduction to and overview of African Literature
  3. African film: the beginnings, the growth, the present
  4. Culture and development, cultural diversity and other cultural policy instruments and their relevance – if any – to African creative practice
  5. Key African intellectuals and thinkers of the last century
  6. An introduction to African historical and contemporary architecture
  7. Trends, movers and shakers in African visual arts
  8. African heritage sites: from the Pyramids to Robben Island
  9. Africa in the modern world: the geo- and security-politics of China, the USA and Europe and their relevance to Africa
  10. Afro-pessimism/Afro-optimism: reasons for and against
  11. An introduction to African fashion and fashion designers
  12. African cities: the good, the bad and the ugly
  13. Globalisation and its impact on African arts and culture
  14. African festival and tourist destinations
  15. An introduction to contemporary African music
  16. African performance: dance, theatre and opera and its congruence with, differences to Western performing arts



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