I Got Scammed!!!!

After test driving three Beemers on Monday 24th May, I took off in my old lady “Snowy” to buy lunch at McD. I was with two of my colleagues. Just after receiving out meals, a guy approached us and told us they got an extra parcel in their truck and they did not want to return it back.  It was two digital cameras in a box.

It looked like very decent guys, and they said we can thank them with R3400, but I told them I only have R1000.  Then my other colleague said he’ll pop R1000 so that we can have them both.

There we went to the FNB ATM next to McD and withdrew R2000 and gave it to the guys.  We then decided to check the cameras again, and it didn’t take even five seconds to realise that we just got scammed.  These were the very old film cameras.  The Olympus camera with a stupid flash light.  I think the camera is worth not more than R100.

We looked for the guys and we could not see them anymore.  We called and they answered and we told them we need some more for our other colleague and they told us they were eating at McDonald’s.  We went there and they were nowhere to be found.

The moral of my loss, abstain from the back door stuff, that’s not easy to do I know.  But if you are gonna try it, make sure you are very certain of what you are paying for.

Most importantly, I am blogging this so that it doesn’t happen to anyone or when it does happen, you’ll be extra careful.  It can happen to anyone.   I don’t believe in muti or stuff like that, but I almost thought those guys had something on them that just made us so gullible


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