IEC/SABC Education Democracy Game Show – “The Right To Win” – Beginning Saturday 7 May 2011 from 12:30 – 13:00

The IEC-branded Democracy Education game show The Right to Win, launches on SABC2 on Saturday, 7 May 2011, at 12.30pm.

The Democracy Game Show – "The Right To Win" is one of the TV deliverables in the partnership with SABC Education for the Civic and Democracy Education Campaign. This is an IEC/SABC Education co-branded programme, produced by Kagiso TV, with Endemol, the game show specialists, (Big Brother, Fear Factor, etc) on board as well.

I have attached the SABC 2 media release which provides additional promotional information, as well as a media link provided by Barbara. Please visit the Media Update website to read the full story. It can be accessed by clicking here. . I have attached the file for convenience. Media Update is a product of Newsclip


The programme starts this Saturday, 7th May on SABC2 from 12:30-13:00. PLEASE WATCH!!

SABC has done some desktop research on democracy game shows, and it appears that seems that this kind of game show is the first in South Africa and possibly in the world. We can confirm that internationally it is the first democracy game show for general audiences. Generally the trend overseas and elsewhere is for these type of game shows to be limited to school-going audiences. It will do a lot to raise general political and democracy literacy in a fun and interactive way.

Please note that as per standard gameshow guidelines, no employees of the IEC & SABC are permitted to take part in the Right to Win game show competition.

Regards and happy viewing!

TRTW MediaRelease4May2011.docx


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