Municipal Rates & Taxes / Munisipale Tariewe en Grondbelasting

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Dear Fellow Petitioner

As a further service to you, the taxpayer, we wish to make you aware of the annual public participation process whereby you can provide input into the establishment of municipal rates and taxes in your Gauteng municipality. Municipalities must by law provide an opportunity for public participation regarding the rates and taxes it intends to charge rate payers. It is unfortunately our experience that not many people know about this. As you have already indicated your concern regarding toll tariffs, we believe that you will also find this information valuable.

It is also true that many people think that the public participation process is a waste of time as the municipality does as it wants anyway. It is, however, our opinion that if enough people participate in the process, those voices cannot be ignored. Therefore, we ask that you participate and add your voice to the others.

In order to participate in the public consultation process, you can consult the following websites (you must make the submission to the relevant Gauteng municipality on or before 29 April 2011):

1. Johannesburg: RatesComment or fax to 011 727 0189 or hand in at Jorissen Place, 66 Jorissen Street Braamfontein.
2. Pretoria: samch or

fax to 012 358 8178 or hand in at Budget Office Division, Room 337, 3rd Floor, BKS Building 373 Pretorius Street, Pretoria.
3. Ekurhuleni (Oosrand):; Phone

the Service Centre at 0860 543 000.
4. Krugersdorp (Mogale): lesliem or

phone Leslie Mahuma (Chief Financial Officer) at 011 951 2025 or 011 951 2301 for general enquiries or hand in at the municipal office on the corner of Mark and Commissioner Streets.
5. Randfontein:; Phone

the general number at 011 411 0000 or the Financial Director (Ivan Mashigo) at 011 411 0086/7.
6. Westonarea:; Phone

011 278 3000.
7. Carltonville/Fochville (Merafong):; Phone 018 788 9500.
8. Vereeniging/Vanderbiljpark (Emfuleni):; Phone

016 950 5000.
9. Midvaal: tommyf or

phone 016 360 7626 or 016 360 7400.
10. Heidelberg (Lesedi):; Phone

016 340 4300.

The FF Plus will also make submissions regarding the rates and taxes in the various Gauteng municipalities. The FF Plus’ submission, amongst others, proposes that no increases in land tax be implemented and all other tariffs be increased in line with inflation.

In the event that you wish to support the FF Plus’ submission, kindly send us an e-mail to tariffs with the following information:

1. Name and Surname
2. Cell Number
3. E-mail address
4. Physical address (Suburb and municipality)

Kindly remember that if you have any municipal complaints, kindly submit it via our complaints website at:

Join our fight to eliminate toll tariffs and poor municipal service delivery!



Anton Alberts
FF Plus Member of Parliament

Geagte Petisie-Ondertekenaar

As ‘n verdere diens tot u, die belastingbetaler, wil ons u graag bewus maak van die geleentheid om in u munisipaliteit in Gauteng deel te neem aan die vasstel van munisipale tariewe en grondbelasting. Munisipaliteite moet volgens wet aan die publiek ‘n geleentheid gee om voorleggings te maak oor die tariewe en grondbelasting wat elke jaar gehef word. Dit is ongelukkig ons ervaring dat meeste mense nie hiervan weet nie. Aangesien u alreeds u kommer getoon het oor die toltariewe, glo ons dat u hierdie informasie ook van belang sal vind.

Dit is ook so dat talle mense dink dat deelname aan die openbare konsultasieproses ‘n mors van tyd is aangesien die munisipaliteit in elk geval maak wat hy wil. Dis egter ons opinie dat indien baie mense deelneem aan die proses, hierdie stemme nie geignoreer kan word nie. Daarom vra ons dat u deelneem en u opinie voeg by die ander wat gaan deelneem.

Ten einde self deel te neem aan die openbare konsultasieproses, kan u die volgende webwerwe konsulteer (u moet die voorlegging aan die betrokke Gautengse munisipaliteit stuur voor of op 29 April 2011):

1. Johannesburg: RatesComment of faks na 011 727 0189 of handig in by Jorissen Place, 66 Jorissenstraat Braamfontein.
2. Pretoria: samch of faks na 012 358 8178 of handig in by Budget Office Division, Kamer 337, 3rde Vloer, BKS Gebou 373 Pretoriusstraat, Pretoria.
3. Ekurhuleni (Oosrand):; Skakel die dienssentrum by 0860

543 000.
4. Krugersdorp (Mogale): lesliem of skakel

Leslie Mahuma (Hoof Finansiele Beampte) by 011 951 2025 of 011 951 2301 vir algemene navrae of handig in by die munisipale kantore op die hoek van Mark- en Commissionerstrate.
5. Randfontein:; Skakel die algemene nommer by 011 411 0000 of die Finansiele Direkteur (Ivan Mashigo) by 011 411 0086/7.
6. Westonarea:; Skakel by 011 278 3000.
7. Carltonville/Fochville (Merafong):; Skakel by 018 788 9500.
8. Vereeniging/Vanderbiljpark (Emfuleni):; Skakel by 016 950 5000.
9. Midvaal: tommyf of skakel by 016 360 7626 of 016 360 7400.
10. Heidelberg (Lesedi):; Skakel by 016 340 4300.

Die VF Plus gaan ook voorstelle aangaande tariewe en grondbelasting in verskeie Gautengse munisipaliteite maak. Die VF Plus se voorlegging aan elke munisipaliteit in Gauteng vra, onder andere, dat geen stygings vir grondbelasting in 2011 plaasvind nie en dat ander tariewe slegs in lyn met inflasie mag styg.

Indien u die VF Plus se voorleggings wil steun, stuur asb ‘n e-pos na tariewe met die volgende inligting:

1. Naam en Van
2. Selnommer
3. E-pos adres
4. Fisiese Adres (Voorstad en munisipaliteit)

Indien u munisipale klagtes het,onthou asb om dit aan te meld by ons munisipale diens klagte-webwerf by:

Veg saam met ons om onbillike tariewe en swak munisipale dienslewering te elimineer!

Dankie en groete

Anton Alberts
VF Plus Parlementslid


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