A Trip To A Wedding In Thaba Nchu!!!!

Yesterday, Sunday 6th of March 2011, I went with a group former class mates to attend another former class mate’s wedding at a place called Selosesha, Thaba Nchu. We left from Johannesburg at about 05:25 in the morning and met with the other former class mate just on the road that goes to Virginia. Oh! Boy he can’t give directions (some give a lesson on that). He said we should wait for him at a directional sign that say “Virginia”, only to find that there are two of them and he was referring to the other one. How did we find out we were at the wrong place? (Dahh!! He got there and there was no sign of us). Anyway!!We (the boys) decided he’s gonna have to drive with the ladies and leave us to go crazy in the other car (playing loud music and chatting about some non-sense).

We got there early and nothing was near to starting so the ladies went their way and the boy went BOYS… we took a stroll around the 600 m2 town of Thaba Nchu. That’s a heck of a small town, like seriously!!!!

We came back and started playing and dancing to some nice music from our car. I didn’t know that some people can dance like that (no names mentioned to protect the … WHAT?? I don’t know). Mara this guy o di t¹ea kae di dance moves t¹e so.

Makoti ke dinako, ro jika jika le wena…” There comes our makoti, looking as beautiful as ever.

Then Mokgonyana came from a different direction and they met and took each other’s hands and continue with the singing and dancing.

We went into the tent and everyone got seated while the Mokgonyana & Makoti went to the change room (did I say change room? Anyway! You get me…). Came back looking WOW!!!

So goes the normal proceedings with speeches from the various parties. Then we were so privileged to be one of the first few to be invited to opening of a new church that’s gonna be built on top of the mountain.

The Pose!!!!

The Dancing!!!

And some more dancing…

All I wanted to say was “I had a great trip to and fro Thaba Nchu.”…


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