Job Post – Specialist Systems Developer (Urgent)

Roles and Responsibilities

The role of the Specialist Systems Developer would be:

  • Gather customer requirements, including functional and non-functional requirements of the application
  • Review current application and technologies for compatibility and conformance to new customer requirements and projects.
  • Assist the business analyst in creating detailed requirements that specify the technical architecture of the system
  • Develop applications that are maintainable, reliable, scalable and secure
  • Develop and implement applications to eliminate fraudulent transactions.
  • Review high level design to ensure the legacy application is buildable
  • Reviews and documents software failures and takes corrective action as directed
  • Provides technical planning and enhancement of legacy applications, maintenance and support
  • Monitors application, provides feedback and report to development team manager.
  • Perform code review, quality assurance, code inspections.

Mandatory Skill Requirements

The incumbents should possess minimum 5 years practical experience in the following:

  1. Legacy systems design, development, support and maintenance
  2. VB/VB.NET/C#
  4. Oracle
  5. Informix
  7. Web Services Architecture
  8. Multi-tier Systems


The position is based in Pretoria.


If interested, forward CV to


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