World AIDS Day!!

My prayers to everyone infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS.  To those who know their positive status, I salute you, because you were brave enough to want to find out.  I you found out by chance, I admire you even more, because even this day you are still fighting.  Some quit too soon, but you hang in there.

Those who are watching a loved one surfer from this pandemic, I pray to God Almighty to give you the strength not to give up and continue caring for them.

Those who have lost a loved one from this pandemic, I ask God to put you under his cloud of comfort.

My heart bleeds when I think of the innocent little kids who falls prey to this monster.  They do not deserve this.

To those who do not know their status, I plead with you to go get tested.

And to those who are sexually active, let’s condomise.  That pretty innocent face, that makes you think “There’s no way s/he could have HIV.”  Well! This monster attacks everyone of any skin type, sex, age, culture, origin, religion, profession, wealth, etc.

To protect yourself, remember these ABCs:


B=Be Faithful



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