Osofia (no it’s OjayTee) In London

London – First Time Around


Just an update from my side (an
interesting story or at least that’s what I

I’m settling in nicely over here.  I
even started touring the UK…

Me & my pal (Lehasa) went 2
London for a
weekend by train & when we got there we had to take the underground trains.
There were a lot of ppl in queues & I said to him we need to buy a ticket
for the underground trains & he said our tickets said we can get into any
train, any time (that was what it says on the ticket, I remembered).  To get
through to the underground trains you need to pass through some small gates,
which you put your ticket through and they automatically open 4 U.

My friend went first & there was
this beeping sound, which didn’t hear when other ppl were going through the
gates.  He pushed the closed gate open & managed to get to the other side.
Now it was my turn & he said to me, “O
fete ka pele, dilo tse di tsalela
(be fast, these gates close) too
quickly”.  I put my ticket through & the sound came again, but I had to be
quick, so I went for the gate, & damn it was closed.  Thanks to my African
bones (and steam pap) & pushed the bloody gate open.

Wow! We made it to the other side.
Before we could proceed down the stairs, my buddy decided he’s gonna lodge a
complaint about the gates.  The guard took a look at his ticket and said “That’s
because your ticket in invalid.  How did you get in?”  .My buddy said we pushed
the gate (you should have seen the look on this ou’s face.  Guess he went like
whatever, cuz I cud tell he didn’t Bliv him.  He told us to go buy the tickets

On our way down the stairs we
realize the whole place has is under CCTV camera surveillance.  Can U imagine
what cud have happened if we just went straight to the

And hey those trains are pretty fast
& very efficient.  We enjoyed the ride after

That’s me signing

Till next update,




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